10 Best Luang Prabang Restaurants

Luang Prabang is a place which visitors do not get enough of especially because of the classic restaurants in the place. Among the top ten restaurants include:




Talk of wicker chairs and French sophistication which reminds you of those old times in the colonial old town. In this restaurant, you will feel like you should be having your Tonic and Gin at hand just watching as the world passes by. Food offered in the menu comprises of French Fusion or Laotian dishes. Apart from the food offered, the pace features charming lighting as well as wine-bar heady atmosphere.


L’Elephant Vert


It is located next to the L’Elephant who is its sibling and this one offers vegetables hence fit for vegetarians feeding on French twist which contains more butter but no meat. Are you in need to feed on green infusion as part of the diet, this is the place to visit among other vegan options available.


3 Nagas

Good service, good food. This is what defines this restaurant which serves Laotian traditional cuisine in a very beautiful setting with a boost of fantastic wine menu which is summed up by French sommelier. You will learn the difference between baby spinach and spinach from their different menu options. 


Phan Luang for Pizza


This is a pizza restaurant situated across river Nam Khan at the residential street back courtyard. The restaurant belongs to Canadian French man with his wife who is Laotian with the owner being the waiter and chef of the hotel.


Dyen Sabai


A BBQ Lao-style restaurant with much of its setting focused on dining and seating whereby you seat comfortably watching river Nam Khan. The meals offered at this river’s bank makes the experience more than relaxing.




Alongside the restaurant, it is also a cooking school which gives its visitors the chance to enjoy local cuisine in un-intimidating and uncomplicated way. As a dish is offered by any staff, an explanation is given on the dish’s history. Also, the best way it should be eaten is speculated.


Le Banneton


This is a restaurant which offers bakery stuff with pastry that will keep returning you there to get some more. Among the pastry served include salads, sandwiches, terrine, pizza and chocolate croissants among others.


Coconut Garden


The restaurant features menus set excellently including an option of vegetables. The menus cover top quality five Lao dishes which allow you to get a subtle flavor palate in one dinner which is commonly enjoyed when people have met as a group. Coconut Garden restaurant features both rear and front yards and makes among the best spots to enjoy dinner or lunch from. The restaurant as well offers international dishes listed as favorites by most visitors.


Secret Pizza


It’s an Italian owned restaurant which prepares homemade gnocchi, classic lasagne and wood-fired pizzas in his home’s garden. The pizzas are offered alongside Italian wine bottle for enjoyment.


Blue Lagoon


An international restaurant which attracts expats from the jazz-infused, leafy patio and lantern-festooned walls which give a very calm atmosphere for relaxation. The restaurant’s menu includes foods like tasty lahp, salads, boeuf bourguignon, pasta and sausage among others.